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Android Application Development 

  • Java Basics and OOPs concepts

  • Android Studio

  • Android Basics, Building blocks and Architecture

  • Building Mobile Applications with Android

  • Publishing to Google Play

  • Work on live Android project

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iOS Application Development

  • XCode

  • Development Architecture

  • UI Development

  • Swift Programming and Frameworks

  • Server communication

  • Submitting Apps to App Store

  • Work on live iOS project

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PHP Web Application Development

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • jQuery

  • MySQL

  • Codeigniter Framework

  • Hosting websites

  • Work on live websites

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Digital Marketing

  • Internet & Search Engine Basics

  • Keywords Research and Analysis

  • Off-Page Optimization (Offsite)

  • On-Page Optimization (Onsite)

  • Google WebMaster Tools

  • WordPress Website Optimization

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  • Typescript fundamentals

  • Angular Basics

  • Data binding 

  • Event handling

  • Template driven forms

  • Reactive forms

  • Consuming HTTP services

  • Routing and Navigation

  • Authentication and Authorization

  • Deployment

  • Projects

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Python Web development using Flask

  • Python basics

  • Flask – Introduction

  • First REST API

  • String resources in a SQL database

  • Simplifying storage with Flask-SQLAlchemy

  • Security in APIs : Flask-JWT-Extended

  • Deploying Flask App

  • Projects

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  • Linux Basics 

  • Security Practices on Linux.

  • Web Hosting

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect 

  • DevOps Basics


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